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Recently Arrested For A Drug Crime? I Can Help

I have been representing local Idaho residents who have been given citations or who have been arrested for drug related crimes for over 20 years.

I am experienced in:


–        Drug Possession and paraphernalia 

–        Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute 

–        Drug Trafficking 

–        Drug Manufacturing



Rob Lewis defends clients facing all types of drug charges in State and Federal Court, including:


–        Prescription drugs 

–        Marijuana and Spice 

–        Methamphetamine 

–        Cocaine 

–        Heroin 

–        LSD, Ecstasy, and other pills



If you have recently been involved in a drug related crime, contact me for a free consultation.  I will analyze your case, meet with you in person to understand your personal circumstances, let you know what legal options you have an answer any of your questions.

Most criminal possession drug cases begin with either a traffic stop, home search or pat down of your clothing or a search of a backpack or purse.  The United States and Idaho constitution deem all searches unconstitutional without a warrant.  However, there are many exceptions to the warrant requirement.  Mr. Lewis will analyze the facts and law concerning the search to see if the police have violated your Fourth Amendment rights.

Convictions for Misdemeanor and Felony drug crimes can cost you your job, career, family, hunting and gun possession rights, and in many cases will prohibit you from obtaining state and federal money (such as student loans and grants) for college.  All possession cases carry a mandatory minimum 100 hours of community service and some felonies carry mandatory prison terms.