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Recently Been Arrested in Idaho for Domestic Violence and No Contact Orders? I can Help!

When the police are called by 911 emergency or non-emergency numbers they will make an appearance at your home and usually one of the parties to the domestic disturbance is arrested.  The system is often used to gain leverage in pending divorce and child custody matters.  The criminal laws in Idaho have recently been modified to include a wide range of criminal activity that can now be charged as a felony.  Many criminal defenses include the fact that no contact took place or self defense was necessary to protect the individual or another from harm.

The most common and immediate problem that couples find themselves in once criminally charged and arrested is the guarantee that the State of Idaho will issue a No Contact Order.  At the beginning of all criminal domestic violence cases, a No Contact Order (NCO) will be placed on the criminally accused person.  This will prevent them from having any contact in person, by telephone, e-mails, text, facsimile or through 3rd parties.  Typically the criminally accused wil not be able to return to the home or business of the alleged victim.  And if children were present during the altercation, the potential penalty can double and the No Contact Order will include the children even though they were not involved or touched.   Criminal No Contact Orders must be modified through the judicial process and is typically the most pressing matter to get resolved once a criminal charge has been filed.

Misdemeanor or Felony charges and/or convictions can have devastating consequences to employment, hunting or gun rights, travel, family and freedom.

A violation of a Criminal No Contact Order can result in arrest, a new criminal charge with a high bond, and revocation of an existing bond.  Repeated violations of a Criminal No Contact Order can result in a felony charge.